It is important to maintain accurate clock-in/clock-out (CICO) times.

Here's what you can do in the following scenarios:

Two of the most common CICO issues are:

a) You missed the actual clock in/out time by several minutes.
In this case, you can just add a note in the clock in/out to let your employer know the difference.

b) You completely forgot to clock in/out
You will still have the shift in your timesheet, so add your hours appropriately to your timesheet before submitting it. Add a note to the shift, to communicate with your family will know that you forgot to clock in.

If you miss your time to clock in/out, click below to learn how to submit a timesheet:


How to add notes after a missed CICO:

Below you can see the steps for adding notes to your clock-ins and clock-outs. 

Step 1

Click on the Clock In or Clock Out that you would like to add a note to.

Step 2


Step 3

Type in your note and click SAVE NOTE.

You can type in your actual start/end time and leave a brief note explaining why you clocked in/out late. 

Step 4

Your family will be able to view this note on the clock in/out.

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