Care Plan Task Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the care plan tasks?

They help identify potential risks to members’ well-being and ensure their healthcare needs are being met.

Why do I need to complete the care plan tasks?

You are the eyes and ears for the clinical team. If you are not completing the tasks or reporting potential risks or concerns with your members, then we cannot help to address those risks or healthcare needs. Additionally, the information you provide via the tasks is being used to help UHC develop future programs and in-home care opportunities for their members.

What if the member is concerned about the amount of time spent reviewing the care plan task questions?

If needed, you may complete a few at each shift to help maintain high member satisfaction, but ideally, all tasks listed should be completed each shift.

How often do the care plan tasks populate?

Care plan tasks are set at varying frequencies to help identify risks as they occur. Most of the care plan tasks are one-time only questions that will not repeat once completed. However, some of the care plan tasks will repeat each shift, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

What if the member does not want to answer the questions in the care plan?

The members have the right to refuse to answer any or all of the questions in the care plan tasks without risk of losing their caregiver hours. However, it is still the caregiver’s responsibility to document in the care plan tasks that the member is refusing to answer the questions and to complete the care plan task after the refusal has been documented.

What if I don’t have internet access when I’m working with a patient and can’t log into the CareLinx app?

Let the Care Advisor for that member know you are having problems with the internet while working with the member and they can work with their supervisor to get approval for you to complete the care plan tasks after your shift when you have internet access.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my timesheet and pay?

Contact the Care Advisor for the member.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the care plan tasks?

Contact the Clinical Manager via call or text. See below for the phone number.

If the only service being provided by the caregiver is light housekeeping, do the care plan tasks still need to be completed?

Yes, all members who are part of this program should be asked the care plan questions during your shifts.

Can I add new care plan tasks based on the services I am providing in the home?

Yes, you can add new care plan tasks, but that does not change the requirement to complete the assigned care plan tasks.

Important Numbers and Points of Contact


Point of contact

Phone number

General questions

Payer Team CareLinx Caregiver Support

(855) 231-4728

Care Plan task questions

UHC Clinical Nurse Manager (Mary Cousino)

Lead Clinical Strategist (Kelley Beck)

(650) 419-3852

(650) 741-0685

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