Pro tips from the most successful caregivers:

  • Be sure to check job listings frequently and apply to relevant jobs often!

  • Respond within 24 hours to a family's messages.

  • Keep your profile and contact information up to date (location, email and phone number).

  • Have a professional profile photo.  (A good photo is well lit, it features the caregiver wearing professional attire (scrubs or a dress shirt, nothing too tight or revealing).

  • Complete your background check. Families usually prefer to only interview caregivers who have already passed a background check.  

  • Have a profile that is 100% completed and includes all of your qualifications and caregiving experience, including work experience and education. 

  • Opt-in to email and text alerts that notify them of open jobs in their area, so they can be the first ones to apply to relevant jobs. 

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