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When you sign up for CareLinx, you will be asked if you want to join as an Skilled Nursing Professional or a Caregiver.

Pick the right option to become a Caregiver/Home Health Aide.

Step 1: Select Home Health Aide or Caregiver

Step 2: Select your gender

Step 3: Pick your job preferences

This section will detail what your job preferences are in terms of services offered and areas of expertise.

Communicating this clearly with families before being hired is effective for a great working relationship.

Step 4: Verify your phone number

Step 5: Provide your name, email, address, and a secure password

Your phone will need to accept SMS text or phone calls in order to verify it on our platform.

Next Steps

Once you have completed your registration, your account has been created and you will need to follow our next steps on creating a comprehensive profile.

You will be prompted to fill out these areas of information!

Step 1: Areas of Expertise

Step 2: Services Offered

Please provide what services you are experienced and comfortable with, so families can be confident in choosing you for their loved one.

Step 3: Travel Distance

Your address is used to filter through shifts that are closer to your home

Step 4: Hourly Rate

Keep in mind the average rates of caregivers in your area, given your years of experience, education, and certifications.

Step 5: Education

Enter the high school(s) or college(s) that you have attended. If you are still attending, please enter your expected graduation year.

PLEASE NOTE: If your education institution is OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, please skip that process. Our current system only accepts US-based education institutions.

Step 6: Work Experience

Step 7: Profile Photo

Please provide a clear photo that displays your professionalism to prospective families.

Step 8: Introduce yourself

Add your rate and write a brief introduction about yourself - think of this as your "elevator pitch," you want to make a great first impression!

Step: 9: Background check

Background checks are REQUIRED for all jobs on CareLinx, and you cannot get hired without passing a background check.

If you have skipped any of the previous steps above, you can always go back and update your profile.

Feel free to check out our article below for more details.

ℹ️ If you are still having trouble or have any other questions, please send us an email at with a detailed description of your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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