Thank you for your interest in working with CareLinx. You may need to complete training courses in CareAcademy as part of your vetting and training process.

Here are some helpful hints for finding your training courses via the CareLinx platform.

Accessing CareAcademy Training Courses:

  1. You can access CareAcademy by logging into your CareLinx account.

  1. After clicking on “Academy”, click on the option to “Start Learning”.

  1. On the following page, click on the button that says “Catalog”. After you click, it will give you an option to switch to “Dashboard”. Click “Dashboard”.

  1. On the “Dashboard” page, click on “Enrolled Courses”. When you scroll down, you will see all of the courses you are enrolled in. If you do not see the courses you need to compete, you can return to the Catalog page and search for the courses in the “Search Catalog” toolbar.

  1. In your CareAcademy Dashboard, you will find the courses you have been enrolled in. Click “Start” to begin your training. At the end of the course, please complete any quizzes or attestation forms required to finish your training course.

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