We're so glad that you've found a new caregiver opportunity with your new client! Our CareLinx team wants to make sure have a great caregiver experience, while being able to meet all of your client's expectations. Check out our tips & reminders!


  • Make a good lasting 1st impression
    Start off on a great note, arrive on time, and be sure you're aware of all the 1st shift details (date, duties, etc).

  • Establish frequency of pay
    With CareLinx clients and caregivers have the freedom to establish how often timesheets should be submitted (typically it's weekly/bi-weekly).

  • Contact information
    Be sure you and your client have exchanged updated phone numbers to help maintain stable communication.

  • Use CareLinx features
    Use CarePlan to note down the tasks you've completed and to show that you're delivering proper care. Schedule your next shift, so you you're aware when to make your next visit.

  • Know your priorities
    Understand your client's goals and expectations, while making sure you check-off your most important tasks of the day.


  • All payments are made through CareLinx via direct deposit
    (If you agree to work under-the-table, our benefits/services will no longer apply to you, and your CareLinx account will be deactivated)

  • Remember to Clock-In before you start, and to Clock-Out once your finished
    (These timestamps are important to show proof of your location and attendance)

  • If you're going to call off work or show up late, be sure to notify your client at least 12 hours ahead or ASAP about this change
    (No Call-No Shows are unacceptable and can weaken your caregiver rating)

  • You must create and submit a timesheet with your work hours in order to be paid
    (Client have up to two days to review approve your hours after submission. Once it's approved, you can expect to receive your pay in 2-5 business days)

At the end of the day, we want you to have a safe and cheerful caregiving experience so you can ultimately deliver reliable home care. Any mistreatment or exploitation against our caregivers is prohibited, so don't hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns with your client.

Having great communication, punctuality, and attitude are key things that you can control to be a successful caregiver. Cheers again to this new opportunity! 👍

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